10 Most Popular Alcohol Drinks ||

10 Most Popular Alcohol Drinks

01 – Beer

It is not surprising to anyone that beer is number one. Probably most of the alcohol users, start with beer. Because it is easy to find beer in any market with cheapest prices for an alcoholic drink. The basic ingredients of beer are water, malt, hops, and yeast.Beer, The Bottle, Wine, Shop, Alcohol

02 – Rum & Coke

Rum distilled in the form of a clear-colored liquid and is usually saved for the experience of maturation in the barrel made of oak or other wood species. As soon as you mixed with some coke, it tastes like light coke for heavy drinkers.Rum, Alcohol, Bottles, Different Origin

03 – Vodka & Orange

It is one of the easiest alcohol drinks.Taste like fruit juice for heavy drinkers.Mix vodka and orange juice, vodka itself is one alcoholic drink with a fairly high level alcohol percentage, which is about 40%, which is made from fermented grain refined.Vodka, Ruska, Alcohol, Drunkenness

04 – Tequila

It is distilled beverages is made from agave plants. Named after the tequila because it is the tequila-producing region, which lies 65 kilometers northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico.Tequila usually served with salt and lime.Tequila, Bottle, Mexico, Alcohol, Drink

05 – Margarita

It is the most common tequila-based cocktail.And made with tequila mixed with triple sec and lime or lemon juice, often served with salt on the rims.Skull, Moon, Red, Cloud, Horror, Spooky

Do you like to get drunk? If your answer is yes, probably you are too familiar with drinks below.Lets check out 5 most popular alcohol drinks in the world.

Mankind has found knocking themselves out by overdosing on their favoured poisons, as their most entertaining past time and the most widely acceptable celebratory tradition. We all have done it and woken up in the morning to regret doing it. But what if we were to tell you that the drinks that knocked you out, contained as little as eight to 25 per cent alcohol (40 per cent tops)?

You will rarely come across alcoholic drinks with an ABV (alcohol by volume) value of over 40 per cent, in bars and pubs you frequent, unless some one has especially requested for a stronger spirit to be brought in, possibly from another part of the world. This is because there’s a limit of around 44 per cent ABV that has been set by our government. However, in the world of die-hard alcoholics, there exist drinks with ABV value as high as a fatal 96 per cent.


Note. We can’t Promote any kind of alcoholic products this article is just for a information or education purpose


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