Top 5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks of the World

5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

1. Spirytus

Those who have drank this liquor straight from the bottle (YES. There are some people like that) have compared the experience to being punched in the stomach, hard enough to take one’s breath away. With an ABV of 96 per cent, Spirytus is the single most powerful drink in the world. We’re sure, you know by now, what abusing this particular drink can do to you. So, do you have it in you, to try this ultimate queen of the world of alcohol?5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

2. Everclear5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

Everclear was banned from the United States and Canada for different periods of time, as it’s extremely flammable and hence was deemed too dangerous to be sold in bars. It once even enjoyed the position of the strongest liquor in the world, and was registered with the Guinness Book of World Records. Many people still believe this to be the most potent poison ever made by man, but that’s untrue, as you now know.

3.Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey

5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

This is the strongest single malt whiskey in the world and is made using 17th century quadruple distillation method. After it’s created, it is aged in oak casks. If you were wondering if anyone’s ever tested just how strong this drink is, then you’re in luck, because the BBC’s experiment with it proved that the whiskey is powerful enough to fuel a sports car to go up to 100 miles per hour!

4.River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

This extremely strong rum, is also incredibly flavourful, because of the method that is used in preparing it. River Antoine from Grenada, is prepared the old fashioned way, through slow distilling method and is obtained from fermented sugarcane juice using a water wheel. The hardy locals drink this rum directly with a water chaser.

5.Pincer Vodka

5 strongest Alcoholic Drinks

Pincer is not just incredibly strong, but is also kind of healthy. This potent spirit from Glasgow, Scotland, will probably take as much time to get you drunk as you’ll spend reading this article. But it contains milk thistle and elderflower for liver support and hence, is a mix of the devilish and the angelic. Moreover, the makers of the Pincer vodka, ensured that the process was eco-friendly and botanical.

You will rarely come across alcoholic drinks with an ABV (alcohol by volume) value of over 40 per cent, in bars and pubs you frequent, unless some one has especially requested for a stronger spirit to be brought in, possibly from another part of the world. This is because there’s a limit of around 44 per cent ABV that has been set by our government. However, in the world of die-hard alcoholics, there exist drinks with ABV value as high as a fatal 96 per cent.

It’s possible that probably none of these drinks are currently available anywhere in India. But if you think you have it in you, to take on the challenge of travelling around the world and trying these drinks of the heathens and the daredevils, then we dare you to try it. These are the strongest alcoholic drinks in the world, for those of who you who enjoy a real challenge:


Note. We can’t Promote any kind of alcoholic products this article is just for an information or education purpose


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