Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

The area of aeronautical engineering is considered to be the most challenging area of engineering education. There are very bright prospects of career building. Under this new technologies are developed in the field of civil aviation, space research, defense technology etc. This area is also related to designing, manufacturing, development, testing, operations, and parts of commercial and military aircraft as well as the development of spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.

Aeronautical engineering has changed the world’s landscape. This is an area in which new and attractive

There is no limit to the possibilities. Designing of Aeronautical Engineering, Navigational Guidance and Control Systems, Instrumentation and Communication or Production Method, as well as Air Force aircraft, Passenger

Includes works related to aircraft, helicopter, and rocket.

What is the work of aeronautical engineer:

Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

The main functions of aeronautical engineer are passenger aircraft equipment, maintenance and management of electrical and electronic equipment, the operation of aircraft radio and radar, checking from every angle of the aircraft before flying, fuel refill in aircraft, aircraft maker Designing and development of aircraft machinery and equipment in companies etc.


Which course?

To make a career in this field, you have BE and B.Tech. Graduate Degree in Aeronautical Engineering Or at least three years of diploma in Aeronautics. Some other than IIT in this field

Degree and post-degree courses are conducted in engineering colleges. Diploma course in aeronautical engineering is also available in some Polytechnic colleges. 12th examination for BE and BTech courses must be passed with physics and mathematics. In the B.E. course of Aeronautical Engineering of IIT and engineering colleges located in different states, admission is given through various entrance examinations. Selection for graduate courses is done on the basis of merit received in the entrance examinations.

Through the Associate Membership Examination organized by the Institute of Engineers, public and private sector employees or aeronautical engineering diploma candidate can take BE course through distance learning system. Examination of Associate Membership Examination is taken by The Aeronautical Society of India. This degree is equivalent to the degree of aeronautical engineering degree.

These skills are also important:

Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

To become an aeronautical engineer, the candidate must have a broader vision. He must have mathematical accuracy and design skills, computer skills and good communication skills.

The candidate should be well versed in planning and under pressure. He should be physically fit and mentally fit.

Aerospace Software Engineers

Aeronautical Engineering in Australia

In the Australian Army, aerospace software engineers (Aerospace engineers – software) are responsible for employing the state of art concepts, cutting-edge methods, and tools in designing, manufacturing, testing, and documentation of large software systems. As a software engineer, your responsibilities will involve project management complex and mission-critical tasks, which are associated with maintaining the integrity and operational efficiency of the second largest fleet of fleet operators and maintaining the largest helicopter operator in Australia. Are there.

As a software engineer, you will be responsible for new and exciting aircraft such as Armed Reconciliation Helicopter, Chinook, Black Hawk and Multi-Roll Helicopter Platform

As a software engineer, you will be employed as an officer in the Australian Army, in which the Regimental, Engineering Specialization will be responsible for the full range of staff duties, where your skills can be used to increase the abilities of the army.

In particular, software engineering officers are engaged in a series of maintenance, logistics, and engineering management tasks related to our fleet of helicopters. In your entire career, you will receive helicopter-specific training to increase your understanding of mechanical, electrical, avionics and weapon systems on the aircraft.

Your initial employment in the army will usually be in the form of a junior engineer within a helicopter squadron. In addition to receiving experience with the aircraft, you will play an important role in the maintenance team management and ensure helicopter airworthiness and availability will be maintained.

While working as an engineer in an aviation squadron, you can also get the opportunity to lead the maintenance team in support of international aviation operations.

Our software engineers also do logistics management and design engineering roles within the Army Aviation Systems Program Office. In the opportunities of this area, the Army helicopters can approve the implementation of an amendment program and software design for our aircraft.

In addition, for the recent acquisition of Armed Reconnaissance and Multi-Role Helicopters, many Army Software Engineers need to work as Project Engineers within Australia and as part of our Resident team in France.

Additional employment opportunities lie in the field of engineering and maintenance planning, flight test engineering and helicopter simulation. Army Software Engineers also have a range of opportunities for overseas travel and/or post-graduate studies.

With the continued demand for helicopters to support new aircraft acquisition and military operations, your career as a software engineering officer proves to be challenging and extremely rewarding.

Skills and experiences are most suitable for this role:

  • Bachelor of Engineering Aeronautical or Aerospace Engineering
  • At least 3 years of experience working with aircraft structures/systems
  • Ability to obtain Design Engineer (DE1) Level Engineering Authority within Airbus Australia Pacific 21J Military Design Organization
  • Airbus Australia Pacific Continuous Airworthiness Management – The ability to obtain approval for the level of continuous airworthiness authority within the service organization.
  • High-level communication skills to work closely with our Commonwealth client, maintenance staff, and other P-3 help agencies
  • Experience in project management within a complex engineering environment.
  • How to implement a working knowledge and rules of DASR.

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