List of course after passing 10th? Best Career Option After 10th

List of course after passing 10th? Best Career Option After 10th


Career Options

Career selection is the crucial thing in the student’s life and so it is to be selected in a wise way. It’s always advisable for the students to select a career by considering their innate qualities like Interest, Passion, Strengths, and weakness etc. things. In order to know about this student must take a psychometric career aptitude test to understand one’s innate qualities. Seeking the career experts guidance is always a good thing. Career Experts are the professionals and expert who can help the student to select the right career option.

There are many courses available for the students after 10th which they can do depending on their interest. Here is the list of some courses-

Courses after 10th 
1. After class 10 u can join DIPLOMA course.

2. If u will choose science in 10+2 than there will be a lot of fields 4 u like

BSc, BCA ,MCA,B.E,MBBS ad many more.

3.If u will take commerce than u can join Bcom, Mcom, CA, BBA, MBA AND MANY MORE


You can do lots of courses after your 10th std like you can do your diploma courses, your 11th, and 12th std
So go for either diploma or 11th and +2 as most of them prefer that.
For diploma, there is few entrance test or you can even get into on the basis of merit of 10th std.

And for 11th admission, you will get on the basis of you 10th percentage

So choose anyone both are equally good and they are engineering courses however after your 11th 12th courses you can choose tons of other courses available.
List of course after passing 10th? Well after 10th there is not so many opportunities available there, I list followings:-

  • Diploma in Engineering (civil, mechanical, electrical, CSE,ECE,MArine,Aeronautical etc………..).
  • Diploma in Pharmacy.
  • Diploma in Hotel Management.
  • Opting for Class 11 & 12 (Best option).
  • Diploma in Social Service.
  • Diploma in Stenography.
  • Diploma in Footwear Designing.
  • Diploma in Animal Husbandry, Nursing, Food Technology etc.
  • Dozens of ITI courses.
  • 40 Hours or 3 months of AUTOCAD.
Training for Student Pilot Licence (SPL), but of no use until followed by PPL an CPL (which requires +2 with POCM 60%).
Training for Private Pilot Licence (PPL).
There are many diploma courses available after 10th like –

Some of the options are below..
Choose where lies your interest.

1.You can join into NDA to become an army officer, navik , airmen , soldier!
2.Engineering diploma (3 yrs) — after completing this u can directly enter into
i)engineering 2nd year(3 yrs)
ii)you can appear for R.T.O exam
iii)merchant navy(3 yrs)
3.Diploma in music/dance(2 yrs) can give bank/insurance clerical exam
5.ITI (2 yrs)i.e Industrial training institute, labor work for a worker in an industry is all taught over here
6.Art teacher diploma(2 yrs)
7.Fine art/commercial art diploma(5 yrs)
8.L.I.C agent
9.Other diploma courses(2/3 yrs)
i)Interior design
iii)Private Sec. practice
iv)garment technology
v)Beauty culture and hairdressing
10.Certified building supervisor (6 months or 1 yr)
11.Other government clerical exam
12.Diploma in animal husbandry(again 6 months or 1 year)
13.Railway ticket collector exam can appear

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