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Finding the right footage to round out a final polished video for your project can be both frustrating and expensive, especially for commercial scenarios.  Although there are a time and place to pay the price tag for premium footage, sometimes you just need a basic, quality free stock footage.  Below are our thoughts on the 10 best sites for Free Stock Videos for commercial use, and licensing details to consider on those sites.

We spent hours combing through licensing details to help give you guidance on the best sites for free stock videos.  “Royalty Free” does not usually mean free, and “Free” might not actually mean “Free for commercial use.”  We’ll walk you through all of the details and pitfalls below.

1) Pixabay

10 best sites for Free Stock Videos || HD Stock Video SitesAll videos are CC0, meaning you can use them in commercial projects and no credit is required. They have over 1400 HD video clips and ~65 4K clips.  (Note: They also have an extensive CC0 free stock photo collection.)

2) Pexels10 best sites for Free Stock Videos || HD Stock Video Sites

This site is also all CC0, so you can use every clip you see, worry-free.  That said, the site has limited inventory at ~220 video clips. (Note: They also have an extensive CC0 free stock photo collection.)

3) Coverr10 best sites for Free Stock Videos || HD Stock Video Sites

This is a collection of 198 videos great for backgrounds on websites, videos, etc. that are all CC0. They say 7 new videos are added each week, so keep an eye on this number to grow and look for an artistic, modern lean to the content.

4) Stock Footage For Free

This site offers ~203 free clips to use for general commercial use. Note that the main purpose of this site is to up-sell you theVideoBlocksplatform, so they will show you similar footage that is NOT free at the bottom of the screen.  On another side note, VideoBlocks currently offers to try their library free for 7 days if you want to take advantage of that as well.

5) Videezy

This site has over 1500 free videos, however, you need to read the copyright license for each individual video and there is no easy way to search by license type. Most videos we clicked on were CC-BY or some variation, so not ideal for certain commercial uses.

As web video gains momentum, a stock video is becoming an essential part of every video editors toolkit. We are constantly asked by freelancers if we know of any good HD stock video websites to use for their last-minute corporate shoot or music video.

The majority of the time, if you use a professional production company or freelancer, they will shoot their own HD footage in-house however if required they sometimes supplement this with a bit of stock footage. Over the last 5 years the quality and sheer volume of online stock footage has increased dramatically, providing video editors with the flexibility to play with a wide variety of footage. There are countless HD stock video sites on the web, but the video content they offer varies dramatically in quality and price. Here are our top ten favourites, with a quick review of each website.

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