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How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc


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Today We Are Learn How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc.

What is internet??

Internet, also called Net, is a group of countless computer-connected computer networks, with the help of which you can exchange all kinds of information from one computer to another. To connect all computers to the Internet, many organizations connect the Internet globally with the help of servers, switches, routers, fiber cables etc. using TCP / IP and other technologies in a managed way.No one company owns the Internet, but many organizations in the world collaborate and ensure its proper functioning and development. High-speed fiber-optic cables is the backbone of the internet and it owns telephone companies in different countries of the world. These fiber cables are the largest communication medium in the internet, on which the data travels in the world in the world.

How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc

Internet history

What Is Internet History.? 1950 was the time when the development of electronic computers was started and digital communication was thought of. Top universities in the United States felt that they should have a tool that does not take much time in information sharing and access and can be easy to transfer to research data without time wasted. In those days, US defense was also researching on the digital network and network data system. With this thought, the US Department of Defense contacted the US universities for the development of ARPANET and packet network systems in the late 1950 and asked for research. Subsequently, research started on packet switching in the early 1960s and in late 1960, developed different protocols like packet switched networks such as ARPANET, CYCLADES, the Merit Network, NPL network, Tymnet, and Telenet.

How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc.

Today’s era has become an Internet Internet era, everyone has a Smartphone Smartphone and a computer, but sombutes are such that works well on a computer only. You need a Data Card Data Card to run Internet Internet on Computer Computer, but if your Smartphone Smartphone only becomes your Data Card Data Card, then all Smart Phone Data Card has this Function Function, the only information is required. – so let’s know

So Let Get Started To How To Connect Internet From Mobile To Pc.

Step 1:

For Wi-fi hotspot from computer to internet connection, click on your mobile setting and click on the name of your name and click on it.


You have to click on the wifi hotspot which you want to use on your wireless network by clicking on the portable hotspot.

Setting -> more -> Wireless Hotspot -> Tethering Portable Hotspot -> Wifi Hotspot


If you are trying to connect your computer to the right side of the computer, you can click on the network in the notification center and click on it.


For windows vista, 7 and 8 users

For this, you will need the UBS port of your phone, connect your phone to the computer with the help of a USB port. Do not mount your SD card when you connect a USB port to your smart Android phone. Now click on Settings, like Wireless.

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