How To Use Quora For SEO & Content Marketing and keyword research

How To Use Quora For SEO & Content Marketing and keyword research

Quora is the most popular Question and answer website that help to find answer any question in the word

You know how you can use Quora is an SEO and Keyword research yes you can do this by using quora

we do on page SEO in a single page or under a website but when we come on Off page SEO We try to create backlink and another effort like social bookmarking and commenting etc

But We can do off page SEO with the help of quora yes you can create backlink with quora and earn referral traffic by quora

But How?

In this post, I teach you how we use Quora as an SEO tool and backlink generator want to know this read full post ….

Quora is the largest question and answer website on the internet. It has been around since 2009.

While Quora never achieved the cultural prominence that it was hyped up to be in the mid-2000s, it has become a staple of the internet.

Quora allows you to get answers from real experts or at least people in relevant industries. Unlike Google, Facebook or Twitter, it allows you to get more nuanced answers.

Here are some ways that I use Quora for SEO, content development, and Link building.

Keyword Research

Quora is a gold mine for SEO keyword research since people are speaking about a topic in everyday language that isn’t filtered by search engines or algorithmic suggestions.

It is sort of like Reddit in this way – you can find the keywords that you didn’t know you didn’t know.

Quora Drip Tray

Use Specific Posts to Find Keyword Ideas

The most straightforward way to use Quora for SEO research is to take an answer and drop the URL into Keyword Planner or Ahrefs Keywords Explorer.

Quora Ahrefs

Quora Natural Language API

. Follow Google Engineers (And Former Google Engineers!)

Everyone in the search marketing community hangs on Matt Cutts’ every word, but he works for Google and is effectively a PR representative for them. One of the unique things about Quora that’s interesting to an SEO is that it attracts a lot of engineers and early adopters — some of whom currently or used to work for Google.

During the whole Bing Google who copied who controversy there was a great thread that Edmund Lau, a former Google Search engineer, participated in and he shared some very interesting information. Following Google engineers and, better yet, former Google engineers who worked on various search products on Quora lets you see how they answer questions around search results. This gives you a more diverse (and less experienced/polished) set of voices around what Google is doing, thinking, and where the search product is going. It’s actually rather difficult to find people you aren’t connected with via FaceBook or Twitter on Quora at the moment, but you can find a nice list of Google employees on Quora within a very comprehensive “unofficial directory” of tech people on Quora.

By leveraging Quora to get content ideas and learn more about how people at Google think about their search product, you can get some actual SEO value out of Quora even if they no-follow your external links.


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