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Start 2018 with proper updated multi-channel internet marketing strategy

Consumers these days are found to run an average of around 6 touch points when compared to 2 touch points 15 years ago, while purchasing an item! It means trying to reach new potential clients has become all the more complex. There are new channels and platforms emerging and customers are being provided with new choices every now and then. They are also seen to demand greater attention from the brands that have been reaching them.

internet marketing company India

About multi-channel digital marketing

This concept is found to have gained immense popularity among the leading digital marketers in the last couple of years. this is because agencies and brands have understand that one-off campaigns that target potential clients tend to have only a single channel at one time which is not good enough.

Multi-channel marketing according to the best internet marketing company India is considered to be the proper implementation of an individual strategy across numerous platforms or channels. It helps to optimize opportunities towards interacting with prospective clients. Marketers are found to predict where and how customers can interact with the company, thus providing them with a choice, to help gain higher conversions. It requires casting wide range of orchestrated touch points as well as to repeat brand message across different channels. However, it helps to improve the chances to increase consumer awareness and allows the message to sink in properly so as to have the right effect.

Some channels which support multiple touch points

  • Social media: This tool can be used as retargeting and introductory channel thus leading to generation of new customers.
  • Eyeballs via content: A fabulous method for filling the funnel top with visitors is to use Facebook. Whether content is amplified or people’s attention gained through various multimedia ads or Facebook, it will be crucial to know the interests of the target customers and to customize content to meet their specific requirements. Those topics are to be covered which will generate sufficient interest among the potential customers and lead towards the product page. The objective at the funnel top should be to develop that initial touchpoint to enable initiate marketing to them across various channels, especially remarketing and email.
  • Generating leads: It is another useful tool of Facebook that can prove to be more than hand at this sales funnel stage, especially if an ecommerce business is being run. This tool is known as Dynamic Product Ads. Such ads tend to promote automatically products to consumers having expressed their interest on the company’s site, anywhere on the web or in the app. Even product catalog can be uploaded to Facebook after campaign set up. The rest will be handled by social network.
  • Email: Emails are still found to be among the effective channels to retarget potential customers. Crafting effective and crisp emails that address potential pain points of the customers can become much easier. However, the email contents are to align with the overall campaign message.

internet marketing company India

If the above listed tools are kept isolated, then they will not prove to be effective. The reputed and well established digital marketing company can make sure that the objective set is achieved within a short time span.


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