Best Way To Make Money Online By Playing Pubg - Make Money Online

Best Way To Make Money Online By Playing Pubg – Make Money Online


Make money Online

Hello Friends, if you are a Gamers, then PUBG Mobile is a great game for you, which you can enjoy by downloading it from the Play Store for free.

In this post, I will tell you all about PUBG Mobile, in detail and also the easy way to download it for free.

And how to earn money from it.

So let’s start this post today that means …

What is PUBG?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Or PUBG is a mobile game that has been published by Tencent Games and is available for both Android and Apple.

PUBG Mobile has been launched in India which you can now play by downloading from Play Store or Apple Store.Make Money By Playing PUBG

What is the need to play PUBG Mobile?

Playeunknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile Game is an online game that can directly say that you will need internet for it to play. You can use your mobile data or Wi-Fi for this.

Talking about your Android mobile, this should be Android 5.1 or higher and have at least 2GB of RAM. The more in your mobile, the better it will be.

Basic information about PUBG Mobile play:

PUBG Mobile is a kind of game where you do not have anything in the beginning. You are lowered with the help of airplane on an 8 X 8 Km island, which has a total of 100 players.

You have to avoid the end of these 100, and the person who remains fighting while struggling until the end is considered as a winner. When you descend on this 8 x 8 Km island, you do not have anything, and you have to collect all the things you need from the houses built on this island, such as Weapons, Food, Bag, Clothes etc.

It has three ways to play. You can play it alone or with two people or with a team of four people. If you play it alone then you have to do everything and you do not get any support from above. But if you play with a team of two or four people, then the other member of the team can give you the Weapons, Food, etc. Besides this, they can also revive you.

Make Money By Playing PUBG

Now how can I Earn money from the PUBG

I am going to inform you guys about the biggest PUBG mobile tournament in India hosted by PUBGM India discord server. Winner will get rs 10000 as a prize money. Entry is free for now go and join theĀ tournament.


How to Join Discord Server click here to join the server.

and Play the tournament and earn money online.


Read More HereĀ 

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