17+ Universities Offering MBA In Dubai - Best Guide For Mba In Dubai

17+ Universities Offering MBA In Dubai – Best Guide For Mba In Dubai


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Friends, we hear many times that this is doing MBA. he /She is going to MBA. And many parents also advise their children to do MBA. But we do not have much information about MBA. And Many Of People Are Searching cheap mba in dubai So today I am trying to write something about Mba In Dubai, hope that this post will definitely help you. So today I tell you that the Mba In Dubai is good for you. And Which universties is cheap mba in dubai. The cheap MBA in Dubai means the cost is cheap not any university. And Many Of People are also asked mba in dubai cost


Master of Business Administration. It is a degree that gives you knowledge about finance marketing. In this, you are introduced to business management, Business Skill, Marketing skill, Business Strategy etc. Friends are seen today that there is a time of globalization. Corporate, Industrial, Economy is growing in the whole world. In this way, Mba In Dubai is an excellent package giving the option. Not only in India, but also in foreign countries it is a very scope like Dubai, I have a lot of scopes here. So come to know about the MBA. and we also discuss the mba in dubai cost.

Eligibility For Mba In Dubai: –

If you have to do MBA, then you have to pass the Graduation With Minimum 70% mark from a recognized university. And an Mba In Dubai entrance test is where you have to pass it. Even if you are the Final year, you can still give entrance test. Every University and Institute’s entrance test is different. If you do this from Dubbo, then you will find Great Placements at Top Global Brands. Register Now! 5134 Placement Offers. 4.25 LPA Average Package. 492 Placement Companies. 31.77 LPA Highest Package.

Postgraduate Courses and Eligibility for Examination in DUBAI

Almost all universities and colleges accept students with a wide range of qualifications and background. One should have a bachelor’s degree that is recognized in Dubai and home country.

Entry for postgraduate studies for international students in Dubai is required as follows:

  • Foreign universities with branches in Dubai look for similar merit in their country. For example, Murdoch University Dubai pursues postgraduate qualification, which meets academic standards similar to the Australian three-year bachelor’s degree. However, this does not mean that it should be an Australian degree.
  • For admission to programs other than Mba In Dubai, anyone requires a bachelor’s degree with TOEFL or IELTS.
  • If a student wants to enter the Mba In Dubai, then he/she should have relevant work experience of 2-4 years depending on the application and the University’s implementation.


1.Curtin University:

Curtin University strives to provide the best quality of education not only in Australia but also in the whole of South East Asia and the Middle East. Curtin University attempts to equip students with the skills and knowledge they need to move professionally in their careers.

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The latest campus of Curtin University will be a creative center in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) and will allow students to enroll in undergraduate and graduate programs in business, science, information technology, and humanities. Curtain Dubai students have the opportunity to get an Australian degree directly from Curtin University. It is a cheap mba in dubai.

The degree given in Curtin Dubai is licensed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Dubai Government (KHDA).

All graduate and postgraduate programs offered at the University of Curtin are also given quality assurance by Australia’s regulatory and quality agency, tertiary education quality and Standard Agency (TEKSA) for higher education. The primary purpose of TEKSA is to ensure that students receive the high-quality education in the Australian Higher Education Provider.

Curtin University Dubai shared with the International Academic Group (formerly known as the Global Institute Middle East)

2.Abu Dhabi University

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COLLEGE OF BUSINESS  Abu Dhabi University College of Business is the only institute in this area to acquire both Equis and AACSB certification. With seven undergraduate and nine graduate programs, and on the way to getting professional certification, your options are wide open. This Universty is also a cheap mba in dubai.

Scroll down to see our curriculum and organize callback to learn more.

The violation is now open for 2018/2019

Actually, join the global experience. Abu has been ranked 2.8% globally by Quakverelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings and is one of only two universities in this field with WASC accreditation.

Universty In Dubai

Here you can meet with our programs, faculty, and students of study, find out our campus and can appreciate the relationship between Dubai University and Dubai City – our extended campus.

Dubai University has been home to prepare, teach, and study from around the world for talented students and faculty. We have gained international recognition and recognition in academic areas.

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Dubai University offers an exceptional variety of business, law, engineering and IT programs. At the University of Dubai, we are committed to developing and educating those leaders who will make a difference in the business world. The accomplishments of our alumni in the ranks of different organizations and leaders are a reflection of this commitment. Central to our success is an outstanding faculty that develops a thorough understanding of the business through its efficient, enthusiastic teaching,

Mba In Dubai

Master of Arts
•MA Human Resource Management (CIPD Accredited)
• MA Marketing Communications
• MA International Relations
• MA in Education (Leadership and Management)
• MA in Education (Teaching and Learning)
• MA Education (TESOL)

Master of Science 
• MSc Applied Psychology
• MSc Computer Network Management
• MSc Project Management
• MSc Engineering Management
• MSc Media Management

  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCHE)

2.The British University in Dubai

All these programmes are accredited by UAE Ministry of Education and Scientific Research:

Master of Business Administration

MSc in Construction Law and Dispute Resolution

MSc in Construction Management

Master of Education

MSc in Engineering Management

MSc in Finance

MSc/Diploma in Human Resource Management

MSc in Informatics (Knowledge and Data Management)

MSc in Information Technology Management

MSc in Intelligent Buildings Design and Automation

MSc in Project Management

MSc in Structural Engineering

MSc in Sustainable Design of Built Environment

MSc in Systems Engineering

3.American University in Dubai

Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Master of Education (M.Ed.)

Master of Science in Construction Management (M.S.C.M.)

4.The University of Wollongong in Dubai

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Quality Management

Master of Science (Logistics)

Master of Business (Management)

Master of Business (Financial Management)

Master of Business (International Business)

Master of Business (Marketing)

Master of Business (Human Resource Management)

Master of Business (Innovation & Entrepreneurship)

Master of Applied Finance (Islamic Banking and Finance)

Master of Applied Finance (Corporate Treasury)

Master of Applied Finance (Financial Services)

Master of Applied Finance (Investing)

Master of Engineering Management (MEM)

Master of Information Technology Management (MITM)

Master of Engineering Asset Management (MEAM)

Master of International Studies (MIST)

Master of Media and Communications (MMC)

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