Aurum Bank Review – Find out Aurum Bank Scam Or Legit

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Find out whether this is a scam or legitimate investment opportunity in our Aurum Bank 

Aurum Bank 

Aurum Bank, found online at, is a high yield investment program (HIVIP) which claims to pay you an attractive interest rate with any work, risk, skill or business experience.

Today, like most HYIP scams online, you simply give a bunch of money to Aurum Bank, and they magically turn it into more money. Through this system, you can earn 4.5% interest per day for a period of 40 days.

In the meantime, the high yielding Aurum Bank has claimed to pay 3500% to 6500% interest in the period of 85 to 110 days.

Obviously, when you see interest rates high as online advertising, you can be 100% sure that you are being scammed. No one is willing to pay you 6500% interest in exchange for borrowing your money for a short time.

Unfortunately, the ridiculous high-interest rates are not the only one which is telling us that the Aurum Bank is definitely a scam. Let’s see how it works.

Aurum Bank Working?

The lead of Aurum Bank is the Orum Financial Group Limited, which describes itself as “a global investment company established and registered in the UK”.

The company claims that they have been active for two years:

AURUM-BANK.COM makes every customer successful, happy and prosperous for two years, and it is a great honor and happiness to make you happy and prosperous!”

Yes, Orum Bank legally claims that they have enriched “every single customer”. They have a 100% success rate.

His moneymaking system works as “evidence”, Aurum Bank posted stock images of businessmen sitting near the conference table or fake testimonials that they bought online.

How to become Aurum Bank Memberships

Aurum Bank offers five different types of membership.

Stable: This investment scheme promises to pay 3% to 5% per day, in a period of 30 days to 110 days.

Classic: Classic plans pay 0.8% to 2.75% ROI per day, guaranteed, in the period of 40 to 260 days.

Prestige: Prestige scheme is for those who want to make a lot of money. These schemes pay 400% to 6500% ROI after 20 to 110 days.

Premium plan: Premium plan pays 7% to 11% per day for 30 to 110 days.

Partners plan: Partner plan pays 12% to 17% daily interest for 15 to 20 days.

After all, we are not getting any evidence that anyone has earned such returns from Oram Bank. There is no investment plan in the world which can guarantee a 1,000% return in any given period – do not mention a few weeks or months.

Aurum Bank headquarters?

Orum Financial Group, Ltd. has listed an address in London as its headquarters. The company has also listed the UK registration number of 10330779. The founder of the company took the time to register the UK-based corporation under the name of the Orum Financial Group. Corporation registration documents show that the company was incorporated on August 16, 2016. However, it is now listed as a passive company because he has never filed any documents.

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The company has listed only one name included with the project: A man named Barry Newton.

After all, we have seen that many Bitcoin scams take a similar strategy: they register as a UK company using a cheating London address and a common name. They promote scams in a few weeks, then disappear from the internet and repeat it in the future.

Aurum Bank is an investment scheme that claims to pay 4.5% ROI per day for 40 days.

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Aurum Bank is not legal B’coz This fake “bank” is a big lie and has already scanned thousands of people. This scamming will not stop till people give their money.

Minimum deposit required for investing is $ 10: and they accepted Perfect money, bitcoin, deposits, and withdrawals can be done with advance cash.

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I give you the one example:

For example, they claim that if you give them $2400 you will get back $11000 after 110 working days. This seems very good, but you have a very less chance of getting any of this money and chance is that your money is lost.

So this proves that is is all scam and don’t waste your money in this scam bank.



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