Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers – 11 Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Thanks For Landing On Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. Being a blogger, you must know how hard it is to make your blog a good idea for creating good content for managers and readers, which is obviously a matter of time. It’s time to create good content and these 10 extensions are our Blogger Life Make it very easy so that we can do more work in less time. i Hope We will give you best content on Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Google Dictionary (by Google)

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

This is the advantage of the Google dictionary that whenever you are reading something in online English, there are some words which you do not know, then with that help select that word and when you double click on it you get the meaning of that word in Hindi Will go.

uBlock Origin – Adblock

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Seeing Adblock’s name you may have come to know what it is used for, some websites that use annoying popups, it’s the best adblocker to deal with the most.

Maybe you have a question as well, this is popular as Adblock and Adblock plus extension, then why I chose uBlock Origin also is one of the reasons why this RAM and CPU Use less so, better you also install the same extension.

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I request you that if you get some useful information from a website and blog, please disable Adblock on those blogs and websites, as most bloggers put ads for AdSense on your blog so that you have a problem with web browsing Will not be.


Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Many times when I start writing a post in my mind, I do not know in my mind what happens when I start Facebook by opening a time which is a very bad habit, to avoid all these bad habits. Is the best extension.

In this, you put a timer and add that website which distraction to you will prevent it completely from accessing those websites so that you will focus only on creating content.

Is not that awesome?

 LastPass: Free Password Manager

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Being Blogger, we have to manage many accounts, different for our social networking profiles blog, so it’s very hard to remember the username and password of everyone.

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LastPass is very easy and features rich extension. We do not need to remember anything in this account. Make an account of LastPass just remember it and do the rest of the work automatically whenever any sign-up form comes out. And once you click on it, you will save all the login details, the next time you log in, you can easily do it.

Evernote Web Clipper

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Web Clipper, whenever you visit a website or blog and you get any information useful that may be needed later, you can save the webpage by highlighting that paragraph or line.

Whenever I start to write a new blog post, I use it so that there is no exempt information in the post.

Grammarly for Chrome

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Most of the new bloggers I have seen do very spelling mistakes so, to avoid all those mistakes, the Grammarly extension is very good.

In it, you can correct up to 250 types of errors and it will also help in improving your English.

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

SimilarWeb – Site Traffic Sources and Ranking

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Knowledge about competitor sites in the world of blogging is very important. This lets you know if your website is standing online, so with similarWeb, you know the estimates of websites so that you are better than your own competitor Can contribute content.

With this, you can see estimate traffic of any website, how much is a popular website, etc.

Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder

Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

  • You have already known through its name for which work it is used.
  • The step-by-step tutorial helps a lot in creating posts, these extensions.
  • This allows you to take screenshots of other programs without installing any other software.
  • Record the screen and have a lot of features.


Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

This extension comes in 1 position with lots of features and it also recommends almost all professional bloggers.

This extension will be very beneficial for your blog, this will give you a sense of your blog’s ranking, how many pages are indexed, in search engines, keywords density, on-page SEO audit.

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A must-have all-in-one solution for your website.

Some info

These were best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers.

If I have not included an extension, you can suggest us through comments.

Also, please specify which extensions you have installed in your browser?

i hope you liked our Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. if we get some love on Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. we will posted more content like this. Thanks For Reading Best Chrome Extensions For Bloggers.


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