Google Adsense Alternatives – Best Google Adsense Alternatives in 2018

Google Adsense Alternatives

Your Google Adsense is Suspended No Worry. Here we will share best Google Adsense Alternative. this Google Adsense Alternative helps you to make money from your blog. Adsense has banned so many accounts so this Google Adsense alternative is very helpful for you if you don’t know what is Google Adsense check it here.

What is Google Adsense

Now many peoples are don’t know what is Google Adsense – So if you are work in the online industry a very long time. You know about what is google adsense. I describe in a simple way. Like Google Adsense is a company of Google. Where advertiser submits there advertisement and publishers like our website and many more website are on google they will show these ads on their website. Now Google has got a commission from publisher and advertiser both and Both have there owned benefits like publisher earn some money And advertiser are promote their brand and Google also earn some extra money through this platform.

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If you will notice in this article. You can see some ads in the middle of the article and across the sites. So if some peoples are click on our ad so we will earn some money from it. google adsense gives money to the publisher is CPC(Cost Per Click) basted money. Now what is CPC this is getting so bored and so long so we will discuss this in any other article where we will talk about what is google adsense. So leave this for now.

Google Adsense Alternatives

So Let’s jump into today topic. Which is Google Adsense Alternative? But first, you have a question about why you need Google Adsense Alternatives. google adsense is suspended account continuously due to invalid click activity and many more reason and some of the peoples are not getting approval from google adsense. so they want to try some Google Adsense Alternative. So they can earn some extra money from there blog or website.

Google Adsense Alternatives


So Here is the Top 10 Google Adsense Alternative. So why we are waiting. I hope you will monetize your blog or website by using this Google Adsense Alternative And you can earn some money from it.

Google Adsense Alternative For Blogger or Website.

01. Is a bing and yahoo Advertisement Network is the same as Google Adsense. Now if you are an English creator and you are targeting to united states or you will write you all content in English. This is the best platform for you

Bunch of peoples is using Because they have a so much high rate and they will give high CPC to there creators. You can insert many of ads in your blog like contextual ads, Images Ads, Display Ads same as google adsense.

Now you have a question about how much money they will give to there creators. is not telling officially how much money they will give to there creators. Some of the peoples are tested this and they will tell us is given a $2 to $3 on per 1000 Views.

Approval Guidelines for

  • The first Guideline is as I telling your blog should be in Hindi
  • Your blog should be responsive and your blog will be easily open on mobile or desktop
  • Now you need at least 30 to 40 quality blog post These post are not copied from another blog.
  • Adult Content / Hacking, etc. These types of content are not on your blog post.
  • You need all of the pages such as About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy Pages.
  • You have at least 10k Page views on per month. All traffic is must have united states
  • If your blog is hosted on blogger they can’t approve your request. Because Blogger is a google’ s product.

02. Chitika Is a very best ad network because they work on both contents Hindi or English. it does’not matter your blog in English or Hindi. You can apply your blog on Chitika.

Now if we will discuss on approval from Chitika. They will give you instant approval for your blog. The website has a simple theory which they will tell us on their website which is if you have a traffic you can make money. So here is a simple way to get approval from it you should need to make money you need traffic. and if you have a traffic you will simply apply on it and they will approve your application and you will start making money from Chitika.

Now if we will talk about payment they will give you a good payment and they will give you a very short payment threshold. Also, they have yahoo and others yop quality advertisers. It means they will give you the best pay rates and they will give you withdraw on When you will reach on $10.

You need to PayPal account for receiving your payment. Because they will give your payment on your PayPal account only if you don’t have a PayPal account please make it and start earning from Chitika.

Approval Guidelines for Chitika

  • It also not supports Adult Content / Spam Content at all.
  • You need at least 15-20 posts For approving your blog.
  • You need at least 100-150 page views on your blog based on per day views.

03. Infolinks

Infolinks is also a smart way to earn money online. if your Adsense is disabled this is the best way to monetize your blog. Because they have 100000 publishers in the there website which are publish their ads on this network.

Infolinks have also approved both types of blogs which are written there content in Hindi or English.

This is the best thing of infolinks you do not need to add multiples code on your website. when you will apply in infolinks. if your blog will be approved they will give you a unique code and the all ads are shown in your blog automatically.

If you want to know more about Infolinks, then Visit the infolinks website they will publish more content about there website.

Approval guidelines

  • Illegal Content or Adult Content should not be in your blog.
  • Your blog has at least 30 to 40 quality posts.
  • If you are worried about Blog Traffic, your blog should need at least 50 page views.

04. RevenueHits

Revenue hits is a best ads network. They will give you maximum Profit of your traffic in your blog. Revenue hits is a easy to join and you can maximize your earning by inplement these ads.

Revenuehits is also support all types of blog. you can get approval on hindi blog or english blog also.

You need to done simple steps to enable ads on your blog Create a Placement and they will give you a adcode just simply add the adcode and ads are enable now just track your traffic and you will earn from revenuehits. This is also a best Google Adsense Alternative

Approval guidelines

  • Illegal Content or Adult Content should not be in your blog.
  • You need 30 to 40 quality posts on your blog.
  • your blog should need at least 100 pageviews per day.

05. Ad Now

Ad Now is the best ad network. They are working on 116 countries and they have more than 160 000 partners worldwide.

And now it offers you the best ads and they are shows best and attractive ads on your blog so your traffic will be not disappointed to your ads Because they show fancy ads and responsive ads on your blog

Now if you have to worry about approval from now don’t worry you can get approval only in one day so don’t worry approval is very easy for this website.

If you don’t have a traffic on your blog then why are you waiting here we will share 9 Proven tips to How to Get Traffic on Your Blog.

Approval Guidelines for ad now

  • Your Blog Should not have Gambling, Adult, Illegal Contents.
  • Your blog should have at least 30 Publish Posts.
  • You don’t have a specific issue of traffic Because you need at least 50 Page View and you will get approval from it.

06 Amazon Associates

Amazon is a number 1 e-commerce website. now you can make money from amazon associate and you can monetize your blog from amazon associate.

Now if you want to make money from amazon associate your blog should have a quality traffic and you should have to sell Amazon products and they will give you a commission from it.

In this case, you can’t monetize your blog. you should need to create an Amazon associate account. after creating an Amazon associate account. you should need to promote Amazon products according to your website niche and traffic

You will apply different types of banners on your site and you can link those banners with an affiliate link. When someone clicks on that banner and they should purchase something from Amazon in 24 hours you will get a commission from Amazon. We also say it affiliate marketing

Here we will share best affiliate marketing program in 2019 Please checkout I hope you liked it.

Approval Guidelines

  • You need a pan card because you should pay tax which you are earning.
  • Your blog has a quality content.
  • If your blog is on Health, Food or Gadgets Topic, You will get approval easily.

07 Taboola

Taboola is the best Google Adsense Alternative because if we are talking about approval. you should need a minimum 1 million page views per month. if you want approval from taboola. this is a quality website and they will pay high CPC and CPM.

Now talk to Taboola Ad Network, They are providing native ads because nowadays most of the advertisers are putting native ads and video ads so they will give you high CPC and CPM.

Approval Guidelines

  • You must have at least 200 to 300 Blog Posts on your blog.
  • Taboola is giving an approval mostly English blogs.
  • Your blog needs at least 1 Million Page Views / Month.


Ad engage is also a premium ad network. if you want approval from engaging you should need at least 1.5 lac Traffic per month and they are also providing best CPC ads on your blog network. they are providing two types of ads weekly ad and single day ads. if we are talking about payment threshold from engage you should need a minimum $50 to withdraw your funds in your account.


Adversal network is a good advertiser but they have also some requirements to give you approval like you should need at least 50k page views on per month

Adversal offers You multiple ads on your blog. Adversal’s payment is based on NET35, NET35 means you will receive the payment 35 days after the end of the month. In this, you can get a payment minimum of $ 20. And the joining of adversal is free of cost.


Qadabra is an ad platform which will give you ads according to your performance. They will give you basically banners ads and they will give you banners according to your blog niche and traffic.

if you want to join Qadabra you should need to create an account on Qadabra and they will give you all types of banners such as widget banners and display banner and footer banner which will help you to get a high CPC and CPM.

Also, You will get a payment when you complete $1. its payment methods include PayPal, Payoneer Prepaid Master Card, and Wire Transfer. You can join Qadabra for free.


YesAdvertising Ad Network offers different types of advertisements so that you Earn more money from yes advertising. YesAdvertising is allowed you to control your advertisements. You should need 10k page views per month for getting approval from yes advertising.

You will receive a payment from PayPal, Payoneer and bank transfer.

In Conclusion of Google Adsense Alternatives

All advertisers are best ads network some of the networks are providing quality ads on your blog but you should need high traffic on your blog. Like taboola and adenage is best Google Adsense Alternative if your blog has a high traffic Anf if you are starting a new blog then you will use all the networks who are proving you low payment.

Now if we are missing some ads network then providing in the comment section and we will add those ads network in our comment sections.

We will don’t harm you with a information. we also use Adsense and if you need an extra income so that’s why we will tell you to use Google Adsense Alternative.

Thanks for reading Google Adsense Alternatives. if you liked our best list of Google Adsense Alternatives. Please share with your friends if your friends have a banned google Adsense. this Google Adsense Alternatives list helps to generate some money.

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