How To Increase Blog Traffic – 9 Proven Tips To Increase Blog Traffic

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Many peoples have there own blog and they want to know How To Increase Blog Traffic. After setting up the blog, the blog setup is a simple process and after setup, a successful blog about how to increase a blog traffic is a big question. So why we are waiting for let’s check out the best tips to How To Increase Blog Traffic.

Here I will tell you the best methods to Increase Blog Traffic. We will talk on different methods like social media boosting and link creation, off-page, on-page and many more method which can actually help to Increase Blog Traffic.

Many peoples are working on there blog the first mistake which they were doing is they do not select the perfect niche for there website like if you are writing about technology and you will find some fashion related keywords and these fashion-related keywords and less competitive comparison to tech niche so they are writing a articles on fashion related niche and they will be mixed up there website and so the user does not like your mixed content and they will bounce back so early which is the most important feature in ranking because if you will get ranking you will also Increase Your Blog Traffic.

The second thing they will write content about trending topics they will pick the trending topics from google trends and they will be writing an article about it. so if you have some knowledge about blogging you know the new website is not indexed early let’s give me an example. Like you will pick up a trending topic from google trends and your competitor is also pick up the trending topic from google trends you both are writing a content on same topics and your content is also awesome but the competitor get ranking early because they have an authority on website and your competitor domain is old but your website is new and your website does not have an authority. so your competitor index there article fast from your article and they will get more ranking in short time so never go with a trending topic when your website is new.

What happens is Quality Traffic or Quality Users?

So now talk about quality users and quality traffic lets I will give you an example, by the way, I am giving so many examples LOL :). so if you have a tech blog and you will write a mixed topic as I mention you early you will find a fashion niche keyword and you will rank on those keywords so here if you will rank on fashion related keyword and you will get a traffic from that keyword so now those people are interested in fashion and they will not interested in your tech blog so here is a quality traffic you will get the traffic but those peoples are never come back on your website because they are not interested in your tech blog. They are interested in a fashion blog.

How To Increase Blog Traffic

Quick Tips For How To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Always try to write User-friendly Post.

2. Share Your Experiments Related Your Niche.
3. Always Share your Professional Life
4. Share your post on Social Media.
5. If possible, try posting on a fixed time.
6. Post Daily on Blog.
7. answer the comment.
8. Post Title is Clickable
9. Your post must have at least 800 words.

Always share your posts with your friends and those peoples who are connected with you on social media. and the daily posting is so much important for your blog so keep updating your post. And your post should be minimum 800 words because Google prefers the long content on the search media.

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Here The Tips – How To Increase Blog Traffic

1. Blog Title And Post Keywords

This first thing you will do create a catchy title of your blog post. because if you are creating a catchy title and you will get clicks from search result you will automatically get ranking because in google ranking ctr is matter and if you will get more ctr and you will get more click comparison to others blog then you will get the better ranking in search result.

1. Use a Responsive Template/Theme
2. Your Site Loading Time is Fast.

2. Always Create A Viral Content

Always create a viral content. because people are love to sharing the content and if you will get the more social share you will also get the best following from social media and your website content goes viral on social media. so here the question of how to create a viral content.? The first thing I always tell you to create a clickable heading and then create a content on trending topics which means which content you will write people love to share your content and you will get more traffic from facebook, google, twitter and etc.

3. Use The Post Links In Your Latest Post.

This is a simple trick to generate more views. simply if you will follow our post. so you will write a daily new post on your blog. so now every time you will write a new post on your blog post put a simple link of your old post so if people are interested in your old blog post. so they will click on your older blog post and they will redirect to your other post so you will get the more page views and you will increase your blog traffic.

4. Comment On Other Sites.

This is also the best method to get more page views. You should need to comment on other blogs which are related to your blog post. so don’t comment on your related post like Nyc, Awesome, Very Well. This is a so cheap comment and some of the website owners is cant approve this type of content. you should need to answer some question of the user which users are posted in the comment section. so if people are loved to your answer they will click on your profile and you will get the more page views and you will increase your blog traffic in the simple and easy way.

5. Free Blogs Or Free Hosting

many peoples are using free hosting or free blogs. I would never recommended you to use these types of blogs and hosting. because if you are using these types of blogs and hosting you will never rank because they have more loading time and your site speed is slow and google needs fast loading site in the search result and they will also not give you to quality so always go with best hosting services and blogs.

6. Submit Your Blog on Search Engines

You should need to submit your blog on search engines. They will index you on their server and you will start to get traffic from google and bing. so many people do not submit their blog in bing because they think all traffic comes from Google. So dont do that always submit your blog in bing and you will get indexing in bing also.

7. Write Guests Post To Related Your Niche.

Many peoples are writing a post on their blog. but you are a new blogger and no one known you in blogging industry so i will suggest you always write a guest post related to your blogs because you will get a traffic from there blogs and also people know about you.

8.Social Sharing And Posting

As I also mention always share your post in social media. Because they have a huge platform for you. if your content is good and peoples are love to reading your content. so share your content on social media if your content is really good and people loves. so people share your content with there friends and sometimes your content goes viral through social media and you will get a huge number of traffic from social sharing and posting.

9.Update Your Posts

I will be recommended you to update your article every day or twice ina week. add some new content in your article and your article will get better ranking and peoples are so happy to read the updated content and they will also be updated with the latest content which you have written about.

10. Don’t Copy Content.

Every Third Blogger are using copyright content and they will thinking they will bypass the google algorithm. But i will inform you will never bypass the google algorithm and you cant get traffic from copied content also when you will copy content from other blogs they will get a legal action against you with the help of copyright content law. So don’t copy the content.


As I have said before you Follow these all tips and you will get a huge traffic on your blog. If You have any Problem regarding this then share on the comment Box. I think now you can get the best answer on How To Increase Blog Traffic. you will never ask this before any blogger or a specific person. If you liked this then please share with your friends. who are searching How To Increase Blog Traffic. Because they will get the best and perfect answer of How To Increase Blog Traffic.


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