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Listverse Review

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Always paying people for freelance writing always see, my biggest complaint is paying low rates for their work. Well, I came to a site called Listers who could be able to end that complaint.

Is Listverse A Scam?

Listverse Review

Listverse is a site that publishes lists on your blog, if you submit a list and it is approved, you will be paid $ 100. Now all lists are not accepted, but they are very clear on what they are looking for, so if you are a good writer then you should be able to accept something.

In the review in this list, I will cover how this writing work works and answers this site is a scam? Let’s go ahead and start with how LibWorks works.

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How Listverse Works

The listverse deal first looks simple: Come up with a list of things that are strange and unique, write at least 1200 words about them, quote your source, then submit them for review. If approved, they send you $ 100 via PayPal. I thought it’s a fun way to write about those topics and make $ 100 which I know and are interested in.

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Before writing a list you have to do a thing to make sure that they do not have a list already about the subject that you want to write about. Finding your site for existing lists is useless because their search feature is not working at all. See the example below, where I searched for a list of vampires shown on my home page and even did not come in a search result:

This leaves you with using Google to inquire from the site listed in an effort to make sure that you do not waste your time writing your existing list of:

Listverse Review

Once you think that you have a good idea for a list topic, then reading about the list of guidelines is a good idea about what they expect and what the rules of engagement are. Here’s what they summarize:

There is also a more detailed writer guide that goes on in the writing style and more about the rules and their expectations.

Other major warnings is not to write something in their small list of subjects, which they are not currently submitting, which are sports, self help, personal stories and gaming.

Is Listverse a Scam? Listverse Review

The list is not a scam, it is a completely legal way to pay for writing. The whole key is making a list which is slightly bizarre. It seems that such lists are often accepted. If you have your website and can help get the exposure, then this site has some great advantages. Even if you do not have a website, you get good money for writing.

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The biggest concern is applying your list. In fact, if you are a website owner then you can reject it and then publish it on your website. If you do not have a website, you are still the author of writing so that you can submit it elsewhere and get paid.

Please review the comments before submitting the list. If you feel like paying for writing a list post, learn more or submit a list on Listverse.

Listverse Review

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Does the list look like a scam? Is there a list listed from your list? Listen to your thoughts on this list review below!

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