Rapidworkers Review – Scam Or Legit – Latest Rapidworkers Review 2018

Rapidworkers Review

RapidWorkers, of course, are one of the famous names in the micro-tasking community. Being online for a while, the site still manages to maintain a good reputation. But if you have a question “Is this a completely legitimate site?” Like any other site, RapidWorkers also have up and downsides. And in this review article, we will walk you through all aspects of RapidWorks. So why we are waiting let’s jump into Rapidworkers Review.

Rapidworks and How To Make Money From It:

In today’s review, I need to know about the forum called RapidWorkers and give me your honest opinion about it. Is this a scam or legal micro-job website?

Let’s find out! Rapidworkers Review

RapidWorkers is a crowdsource (aka Micro Job) website that connects workers with employers who require simple jobs at a very low cost such as:

  • Write a small product review.
  • Following on twitter
  • Like YouTube Video
  • Sign up for various websites.
  • Complete the survey proposal.
  • even more!

RapidWorkers is a traditional micro-job site that combines employers with job seekers. And the site is also very easy to understand. Let’s put RapidWorkers in simple words.

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When an employer publishes work with instructions, then you have to follow the instructions to complete the task.

After evaluating the completed work, the employer will accept or reject your work which will motivate you to earn money for your time and work. Well, here’s an example of completing a task.

Here’s an employer who asks job seekers to subscribe to their YouTube channel. How to Completely Work on a Worker This job is very simple and you only have to take a few minutes to complete it. right!

Now, to work on the job, I am clicking on the link and going through the instructions and evidence section.

The country-based Tasks

Rapidworkers Review

The country you are working with is also playing a major role in the tasks and salaries.

RapidWorkers only allows you to perform tasks that fall under your geographical location.

For example, suppose you are from Canada. This means that you are only allowed to complete tasks that are available to Canadians.

To select the right action for your location, at the top, you can see a drop-down box with a list of locations.

As we are looking for available jobs for Canada, you can choose any option from within Canada with international options.

In the image below, you can see the options applicable in Canada.

Is RapidWorkers a Scam or not?

Rapidworkers Review

I do not think this is a scam. RapidWorkers have been running for almost a decade, so I believe that it is operating ethically without significant issues for both workers and employers.

The only red flag is the fact that I did not get any information about Unicon on the Internet. Obviously, the company does not have any official website.

Regardless, if you decide to use RapidWorkers, then I encourage you to take precautions and as soon as you reach the minimum requirement.

So How Much Money One Can Make

As mentioned earlier, your earnings depend on your country and no work is available.

Since Payout is only $ 8 through PayPal (Remember: you will be charged 6% transaction fee), you can easily access your cashout without making any effort.

If you are curious about how much you can do when writing this article, then I only calculate the values of $ 11.22 for international members.

And it’s more than enough to make your first cache out. If you are from America or Canada you can expect a bit more.

Thanks for reading about Rapidworkers Review. I hope you liked our Rapidworkers Review. if you liked it then please share it with your friends and those people who are searching for Rapidworkers Review. I hope this is helpful for those peoples.

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