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Slice the Pie

This is a site that was designed to give ambitious musicians the chance to rate and review their music. This gives them an opportunity to raise money to make their first album.

Fans (or referred to as ‘scouts’), rate rates in-depth reviews and enables them to earn money.

Artists with best-rated tracks are shown that scouts get to choose which support they want to support.

How does Slice The Pie work?

Each artist presents three tracks and is submitted to various scout rooms based on the type of music.

Slice the Pie

Scouts are given a random track, which they do not know who is the name of the artist, nor the name of the track. Once he reviewed that piece of music, the track’s name and artist appeared.

This clearly appears to be a system of review because you can not vote on recommendations from your friends.

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Each artist track should have thirty different reviews before assessing their artist ratings. Only top rated artists of each genre will be moved to showcase.

How do the Slice The Pie Earn Money?

Income depends on ratings obtained by scoring ratings, and the overall rating given by 29 other reviewers to the artist.

Rating is from 1 to 5, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. They mention that there is an algorithm which calculates these factors rather than the actual factors.

These are the star rating rates:

~ 1 star – $ 0.03 USD per track
~ 2 stars – $ 0.06 USD per track
~ 3 stars – $ 0.09 USD per track
~ 4 stars – $ 0.12 USD per track
~ 5 stars – $ 0.15 USD per track

Slice the Pie Things To Take Note:

  • The name of the song and artist will not be shown until you execute the review that you give an unbiased review.
  • You must listen to music for at least 90 seconds before submitting your review.
  • Slice pie is very hard on the quality of the review so it is very difficult to cheat your system.
  • You have to write really unique content for your review. Just copy and paste or continue writing a single review will not work.
  • There are systems to prevent you from submitting too many reviews within a certain time period.
  • The quality of your review will determine your own “member star rating”. A high star rating means that you are constantly writing quality and constructive reviews to help artists or designers. First of all, you will start with a review of $ 0.01 to $ 0.02. When you have a higher star rating, you can earn up to $ 0.05 or more per review.

The process of reviewing fashion products is similar to reviewing music. But instead of commenting on things like rhythm, you are reacting to pictures, descriptions, materials etc. and will you buy the product.

Get Paid by Referring Friends

After signing up with STP, you can access your own invitation code and links that you can share it with your friends and invite them to join the STP.

Get Paid by Referring Friends

After writing your first review, you will be able to earn a 10% commission from all the referrals for 1 year.

But seriously, this is a lot of money!

Slice The Pie Scam or not?

Although it seems that this music is a very good way for emerging musicians and possibly an album has been created, I am concerned about how much time to spend on reviewing and writing reviews.

If you have a tendency to write a review of music then you can earn more than $ 1.34 USD.

But overall I do not know Slice the pie is a scam. He said online are better ways to earn some extra cash.

In fact, if you want to write a review, then there is a much more profitable way to earn money than to take a paid survey or write a review on STP.

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Being a freelance writer, you can earn about $ 25 per hour or even $ 4,000 per month in this case. This is clearly much better than the $ 2 per hour writing review on STP.

Apart from this, my top recommended way is to become a blogger and an affiliate marketer.

In fact, you can establish a website that focuses your interest and writes product reviews in that area.

This could potentially allow you to make full-time passive income online so you do not need to work for someone else.

Establishing your website is very easy today. I can help you build your website in less than 5 minutes.

In fact, being a blogger.

I personally created a 4-digit monthly passive income stream and became financially independent without any college degree or 21 years of work experience!


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