Snapwire Review: Legit Or Scam – Can You Really Make Money From Snapwire

Snapwire Review

SnapWire Gives you the opportunity to monetize the passion of amateur or semi-pro snapper.

However, this is slightly different for a General photo market, because in fact quality images are emphasized. This means that in the beginning, it can be more attractive for semi-professional photographers, but there are enough gamified elements to keep interesting for amateur users in the app or website.

Earning ability is either through challenges or requests, but before you Can answer more appealing brand requests, you have to prove your skill and ‘level-up’ to your account. Focus, please forgive, here, in fact, the photographer is allowed to easily and attractive Portfolio – from there, buyers can buy an image directly.

In terms of fees, it works very well for photographers, you have to keep 50% of any items sold through 70% of requests and Challenge income, and market or your personal profile.

The platform encourages the use of your phone camera for images but does not explicitly reject other digital images in the terms of use.

How does SnapWire work?

There are basically two ways to make money through SnapWire.

Snapwire Review

  1. By winning the competition take part in competitions by customers and earn money.
  2. create your best and attractive Portfolio and make direct sales to customers and earn money.

what is the competition take part in competitions?

  1. A customer requests and tells the photographer what type of picture she is looking for.
  2. When the competition is over, it sets the deadline.
  3. Photographers begin to present pictures.
  4. The customer nominates some pictures and gives marks to photographers. Nominated images are “the right kind of pictures” that the customers are looking for. Using enrollment, she Can give better hints and guidelines for newcomers involved in the competition.
  5. When the time limit expires, then the client chooses the best option and pays for the photographers.

Now let’s see what kind of challenges they have.

How much you earn with SnapWire?

The competition prizes are good: $ 25, $ 50, $ 75 or even $ 125, even if your picture is selected. However, you will not get full rewards for yourself because SnapWare charges a little. The following picture shows the fees on their website.Snapwire Review

In the competitions, you will get 70% of the cost and if you are selling directly from your portfolio, then you can keep 50%. So, if you win $ 100 competition, you will get $ 70. In my opinion, if we compare other markets, then the fees are big enough. What do you think? comment your opinion.

what are challenges?

In a challenge, the customer gives a description of what kind of pictures he is looking for. ill gave you the example from a contest called “All Sort of Salad”

For this SS Challenge, we’re looking for photos of all sorts of salads. Start with recipes, all of the ingredients you use to make a tasty, hearty, leafy and delicious salad of your choice, the preparation for eating and enjoying the salad. We’re hoping to see all kinds of salads. We will add all nominated photos to a new Collection. Good luck and Happy Shooting!Snapwire Review

As you can see above, the customer gives written instructions and offers some inspirational images too. They also give rewards to the winner. In this case, this is $ 105 winning amount. The prize for the winner depends on the different contests but in my experience, it is an average of $ 80.

Then the photographers start collecting their photos. At present, 660 shots have been submitted to the “All Sort of Salad” challenge by 177 participants in at the time. 162 of those pictures are nominated for this challenge and they fit the exact criteria of the customer.

Snapwire Review

The customer adheres to the image flows and gives points for the pictures. You can see what types of photos are leading the competition and your job is to get them out of the naturally.

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Photos like this

Snapwire Review

As you can see, the pictures are not complicated in this competition and you can easily take part in this challenge. But note that all the pictures have high quality. (Original images are faster than this screenshot.) If you are using only your smartphone camera then it will be a difficult time to win the competition.

Snapwire Review

Many competitions are also very specific. So, to participate in the competition, you have to go to a certain place or travel. It requires time and effort to roam and take your equipment with you. and also win some amount and get pacific image

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