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WordPress Antispam Plugins

Are you looking for Best WordPress Antispam Plugins for your site? Antispam plugin blocks the comment made by bots on your blog or website. Here we have listed some Best WordPress Antispam Plugins.


Spam Comments Take the unnecessary space on your WordPress hosting, which increases the size of your database and it affects your website loading speed. There are several ways to moderate spam comments in the WordPress site. You can manually moderate it if you want it. It will take a lot of time in this.

Alternatively, you can deal with these WordPress spam comments using Antispam WordPress Plugins. These WordPress Antispam Plugins automatically block spam comments on your site.

5 of the Best WordPress Antispam Plugins

Now the time for talking about plugins for antispam in ricky4you.com

Akismet: Spam Protection for WordPress

This is the most popular anti-spam plugin in the WordPress directory. It has been developed by Automattic. Akismet prevents spam comments and pingbacks on WordPress plugin blogs. This is the best anti-spam plugin for Spam Comment. Because it blocks 7.5 lakh spam comments each hour. You can check spam comments by going to the “Comments” section of your blog or website.

Antispam Bee | WordPress.org

Antispam Bee is a completely free WordPress plugin that you can use for personal and commercial use. Antispam Bee effectively blocks spam comments and trackbacks on your WordPress blog or website. If you use Antispam Bee plugin on your site, you do not have to register it.

WP-SpamShield – WordPress Anti-Spam Plugin

WP-SpamShield is a premium powerful and user-friendly WordPress anti-spam plugin. With this help, you can easily stop comments, contact forms, registrations spam on your blog. WP-SpamShield provides two levels of protection on your blog – The JavaScript / Cookies Anti-Spam Layer and The Algorithmic Anti-Spam Layer which together combines automated (spambots) and human spam.

WordPress Zero Spam | WordPress.org

This is a plug and plays WordPress antispam plugin. You do not need any type of settings in it. Just install it in your site and activate it and enjoy it. WordPress Zero Spam plugin automatically blocks spam comments and registrations on your site without any configuration or setup.

Spam protection, AntiSpam, FireWall by CleanTalk | WordPress.org

CleanTalk is a cloud-based service that provides 14-day trial service, after which you have to spend $ 8 per year. It has a lot of features. With this help, you can monitor comments, registration, contact form, WooCommerce orders, newsletters, etc. Spam. It uses the cloud-based service like the Akismet for the evaluation of Spam, in addition to this, you can create your own blacklists.

WordPress Antispam Plugins

These are some of the best WordPress Antispam plugins that can help your blog freeze spam. Which anti-spam WordPress plugin you will use on your WordPress blog or website, tell in the comment box.


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